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Ark Genesis 2


The Latest and last instalment of the Ark series is here with Genesis 2. The closing chapter of the Ark story brings about one impressive colony ship with two rings and many things to explore, tame, and battle.

The Threadripper Ark server cluster will also be running 3 events. The first is a build off event. The rules is simple, build a base or building as stylish or creatively as you like on the new Genesis Ark and then share a picture or video of your creation in the event-submissions channel and at the end of the month (30 days, or 3rd of July) we will run a vote on the winner who will get a level 150 dino of their choice from the tamable dinos found on Genesis 2 with colours of their choice (excluding parts that cannot be coloured).

The 2nd event is a Ark picture contest where you have to find, tame and saddle one of the new dinos available only on the Genesis ark .Then submit that picture into the event-submissions channel. You may submit only one picture of each new tamable dino and each dino must be named so that they can be verified at the end of the 30 days, be creative with this one as I'm looking for most creative picture of your new dino friend.

3rd event is a race to defeat the new boss, this can be done either solo or in a group and each member will get to chose their 150 dino tame however proof of victory will need to be submitted onto the event-submissions channel and held in-game for verification but this is not limited to the 30 day window but first survivor or survivors to claim wins

So join us today with your fellow survivors on the new Genesis 2 Ark ship.


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