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Eggcellent Adventure

Ark Eggcellent Adventure

Eggcellent Adventure has returned again for the seventh time. Join us fellow survivors in the hunt for some (For now till we get the official patch to add the rest) eggcellent event theamed wild dinos before it is gone on April 24th.

Winter Wonderland 6

Winter Wonderland 6 is live! Lots of new stuff including for the event and some added with the event such as 12 new Chibis, new event coloured wild dinos colours, a new Scorched Earth ascension with all new voiced dialog and more.
Also night has been extended during the event, mating intervals have ben halved (also only during the event) and hexegon rewards have been increased to 1.5x for the event.


December 14th to January 5th


  • RaptorClaus
  • GachaClaus


  • Santa Laugh Emote
  • Caroling Emote
  • Happy Clap Emote
  • Nutcracker Dance Emote


  • Full-body Santa Costume
  • Animated TV Show Parasaur Skin
  • 3 New Male & Female Christmas-themed Sweater Skins
  • 4 New Christmas-themed Beanie Skins
  • Rex Sweater Skin
  • Carolers Sweater Skin
  • Bulbdog Sweater Skin
  • Blue Winter Beanie
  • Purple Winter Beanie
  • Green Winter Beanie
  • Male and Female Noglin Swimsuit Skin
  • Male and Female Yeti Swimsuit Skin
  • Candy Cane Club Skin
  •  Christmas Bola Skin
  •  Nutcracker Slingshot Skin
  •  Dino Ornament Swim Bottom Skin
  •  Dino Ornament Swim Top Skin
  •  Jerboa Wreath Swim Bottom Skin
  •  Jerboa Wreath Swim Top Skin
  •  Ugly Bronto Sweater Skin
  •  Ugly Carno Sweater Skin
  •  Ugly Chibi Sweater Skin
  •  Gray Winter Beanie Skin
  •  Purple Winter Beanie Skin
  •  Red Winter Beanie Skin
  •  Felt Reindeer Antlers Skin
  •  Santa Hat Skin


  • Andrewsarchus *NEW*
  • Pachy *NEW*
  • Fenrir *NEW*
  • Diplodocus *NEW*
  • Festival Lights *NEW*
    • Red & green variants of the 4 light pets in costume


  •  Festive Dino Candy
  •  Holiday Lights
  •  Holiday Stocking
  •  Holiday Tree
  •  Gift Box
  •  Snowman
  •  Wreath



All of the base game dino colours will  be disabled so that only the colours above plus the legacy Winter Wonderland colors will be available for spawns

  • DinoAlbino *NEW*
  • DarkViolet *NEW*
  •  Lavender *NEW*
  •  LightGrey *NEW*
  • DinoLightPurple *NEW*
  • Glacial *NEW*
  • PowderBlue *NEW*
  • DinoLightBlue *NEW*
  • DragonGreen0 *NEW*
  • DarkRed *NEW*
  • Actual Black *NEW*
  • Cyan *NEW*
  • DeepPink *NEW*
  • DarkPurple *NEW*
  • Mint *NEW*
  • Lavender *NEW*
  • Dino Light Purple *NEW*
  • Dino Light Blue *NEW*
  • DragonGreen0 *NEW*
  • Jade
  • PineGreen
  • SpruceGreen
  • DarkMagenta
  • Glacial
  • PowderBlue
  • Teal
  • DarkViolet
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Grey
  • Light Red
  • Yellow
  • Dark Red
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Medium Green
  • Dino Albino
  • NearWhite


Fear Evolved 6 is Live

 Fear Evolved 6

The annual Fear Evolved has returned with all the spooky and yummy candy stuff. The Arks will have DodoRexs, DodoWyverns, Skeletal Dinos, Ghost Dinos, and Candy Corn Drops.

So gear up yourself wityh event-themed goodies and chalange the scary DodoRex and DodWyvern.


  • DodoRex (Untamable Boss)
  • DodoWyvern (Untamable Boss)
  • Zomdodo
  • Zombie Fire Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Lightning Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Poison Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Skeletal Giganotosaurus 
  • Skeletal Quetzal 
  • Skeletal Jerboa 
  • Bone Fire Wyvern 
  • Skeletal Bronto 
  • Skeletal Stego 
  • Skeletal Trike 
  • Skeletal Raptor 
  • Skeletal Rex 
  • Skeletal Carnotaurus
  • Ghost Reaper (Surface reapers)
  • Ghost Bulbdog
  • Ghost Rex
  • Ghost Basilisk
  • Ghost Snow Owl
  • Ghost Mantis
  • Ghost Direwolf


 (Note: Acquired via killing Dodowyvern/Dodorex or Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Desmodus *NEW*
  • Vulture *NEW*
  • Anglerfish *NEW*
  • Araneo *NEW*
  • Spooky Bulbdog *NEW*


 (Note: Acquired via killing Ghost creatures)

  • Reaper
  • Bulbdog
  • Rex
  • Basilisk
  • Snow Owl
  • Mantis
  • Direwolf


  • Pumpkin
  • Stolen Headstone
  • Scarecrow
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Dino Candy Corn


(Note: Acquired via Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Scare Emote
  • Knock Emote
  • Zombie Emote
  • Dance Emote
  • Panic Emote


(Note: Acquired via Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Strawman costume
  • Skeleton costume
  • Skelly Print Shirt
  • Tentacle Print Shirt
  • ZombDodo Print Shirt
  • Zombie Wyvern Print Shirt
  • Reaper Swimsuit Skin
  • Jack-O-Lantern Swimsuit Skin
  • Pumpkin Helmet Skin
  • Headless Costume Skin
  • Hockey Mask Skin
  • Araneo Swimsuit Skins
  • Onyc Swimsuit Skins
  • Vampire Dodo Swimsuit Skins


  • DarkViolet *NEW*
  • DarkBlue *NEW*
  • DragonFire *NEW*
  • Cream *NEW*
  • Vermillion *NEW*
  • BigFoot0 *NEW*
  • BlackSands *NEW*
  • LightAutumn *NEW*
  • Dino Dark Purple *NEW*
  • Dino Darker Grey
  • Dino Light Blue
  • Dino Dark Yellow
  • DragonBase1
  • Light Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Dino Light Brown
  • Dino Dark Brown
  • DragonFire
  • ActualBlack
  • MidnightBlue
  • MediumAutumn
  • DarkWarmGray
  • Orange
  • DarkLavender
  • Jade
Turkey Trial Returns for 2021


From Tuesday, November 23rd jump into a large-scale scavenger to hunt and carve up rare “Super-Turkeys” that have been unleashed across the ARK for Turkey Trial 5!

By harvesting Super Turkey Wishbones from these ruthless, genetically-modified creatures, you can craft their very own fashionable Turkey Costume, Ugly Sweater skins, or choose to summon the devastating DodoRex creature to do your bidding for a limited period of time.


From Tuesday, November 23rd through Tuesday, December 7th jump into a large-scale scavenger to hunt and carve up rare “Super-Turkeys” that have been unleashed across the ARK for Turkey Trial 5!

By harvesting Super Turkey Wishbones from these ruthless, genetically-modified creatures, you can craft their very own fashionable Turkey Costume, Ugly Sweater skins, or choose to summon the devastating DodoRex creature to do your bidding for a limited period of time.


  • Super Turkeys (Untamable creature)
  • DodoRex (Craftable Temporary Tame)


  • Turkey Costume *NEW*
  • 3 Ugly Sweater Skins *NEW*
  •  Bonnet Hat Skin
  • Chieftan Hat Skin
  • Dodo Pie Swim Bottom Skin
  • Dodo Pie Swim Top Skin
  • Dodorex Swim Bottom Skin
  • Dodorex Swim Top Skin
  • Dodorex-Print Shirt Skin
  • Meat Swim Bottom Skin
  • Meat Swim Top Skin
  • Murder Turkey Swim Bottom Skin
  • Murder Turkey Swim Top Skin
  • Murder-Turkey-Print Shirt Skin
  • Pilgrim Hat Skin
  • Pitchfork Skin
  • Turkey Hat Skin
  • Turkey Leg Skin
  • Turkey Swim Bottom Skin
  • Turkey Swim Top Skin
  • Ugly Cornucopia Sweater Skin
  • Ugly Trike Sweater Skin

EVENT CHIBIS (acquired via killing Super Turkey's for Wishbones)

  • Deinonychus Chibi *NEW*
  • Kaprosuchus Chibi *NEW*
  • Onyc Chibi *NEW*
  • Tek Raptor Chibi *NEW*
  • Gigantopithecus Chieftain Chibi *NEW*


  • Wishbones (acquired from killing Super Turkey's)
  • Thanksgiving Dino Candy


  • Orange
  • Medium Autumn
  • Light Autumn
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Magenta
  • Dark Violet
  • Vermillion
  • Red
  • Dark Red
  • Dino Dark Red
  • Midnight Blue
  • Black Sands
  • Dark Blue
  • Near Black
  • Black
  • Dino Darker Grey
  • Dino Albino


Ark Summer Bash 2021

The Ark Summer Bash 2021 has returned and while we see the return of many of the event themed dinos, chibi pets, emotes and skins this year brings in a few more.

This summer bash you can now show off your hula dance moves, dress up as an inflatable T-Rex or just put on a straw hut or retro sunglasses while sporting your best swimwear.

So join your fellow survivors for some beach time adventures and fun on the Ark Threadripper Server Cluster.

Genesis 2 Is Live

Ark Genesis 2


The Latest and last instalment of the Ark series is here with Genesis 2. The closing chapter of the Ark story brings about one impressive colony ship with two rings and many things to explore, tame, and battle.

The Threadripper Ark server cluster will also be running 3 events. The first is a build off event. The rules is simple, build a base or building as stylish or creatively as you like on the new Genesis Ark and then share a picture or video of your creation in the event-submissions channel and at the end of the month (30 days, or 3rd of July) we will run a vote on the winner who will get a level 150 dino of their choice from the tamable dinos found on Genesis 2 with colours of their choice (excluding parts that cannot be coloured).

The 2nd event is a Ark picture contest where you have to find, tame and saddle one of the new dinos available only on the Genesis ark .Then submit that picture into the event-submissions channel. You may submit only one picture of each new tamable dino and each dino must be named so that they can be verified at the end of the 30 days, be creative with this one as I'm looking for most creative picture of your new dino friend.

3rd event is a race to defeat the new boss, this can be done either solo or in a group and each member will get to chose their 150 dino tame however proof of victory will need to be submitted onto the event-submissions channel and held in-game for verification but this is not limited to the 30 day window but first survivor or survivors to claim wins

So join us today with your fellow survivors on the new Genesis 2 Ark ship.

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