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ThreadRipper Cluster Quicklinks

Click one of the following links to quick connect to any ark server you wish to play:

Ark PvP Servers Quick Launch Links

Ark Threadripper Launcher Utility

The following is the custom rates of our Ark Servers.

Note: Any setting that isn't listed is set to default.

General Settings

Max Dino Level: 150
Experience Multiplier: 1x (2x EXP until level 60. Bonus 2x EXP on weekends.)
Taming Speed: 5x
Reduced Food Consumption for tamed dinos: 0.6x (AKA 40% slower food consumption. Does not affect the taming rate of wild dinos) Reduced Food Consumption for players: 0.6x
Mindwipe: Unlimited Wipes
Exp Gain: Double till level 60

Dino Tame Settings

Max Tamed Dinos: 8,000
Max Tribe Tamed Dinos: 500
Dino Decay Period: 45 Days
Dino Decay: Starve Only, Can be Claimed
Platform saddles: Set to not add to tribe tame count

Dino Baby Settings

Dino Mating Interval: 0.5x
Egg Hatch Speed: 10x
Baby Mature Speed: 20x
Baby Food Consumption Speed: 2x
Allow Baby Dino Imprint Cuddle by Anyone: Yes
Imprinting Time: 0.09 or Approximately 43 mins

Resource Settings

Harvest Amount: 2x
Prevent Building in Resource-Rich Areas: ON
Suppress Replenish Radius of Resource Re-spawn (Player): 0.5%
Suppress Replenish Radius of Resource Re-spawn (Structure): 0.5%

Decay Settings

Global Spoiling Time: 2x
Global Item Decomp Time: 2x
Global Corpse Decomp Time: 2x
Expiration on Survivor Upload: 72 Hour
Expiration on Item Upload: 72 Hour
Expiration on Dino Upload: 72 Hour
Auto Destroy Structures: Disabled
Wood: 24 Days / Stone: 36 Days / Greenhouse: 45 Days / Metal: 48 Days / Tek: 60 Days.
Titans 15 days no feeding

Transfer Settings

Cluster: ON
Minimum Dino Re-Upload Interval: 12 Hour

PvP settings

Prevent Offline PvP: ON
Exp Gain: Double till level 60


Input the name of your dinosaur into general chat, the Long and Lat will be printed.

Content Removed from S+ for Balance

Standing Torch Plus, Wall Torch Plus, Genomics Chamber, Element Catalyzer, Repair Gun, AutoTurret Tranq, S+Tek Forcefield Rafts and Platforms PvP, Gacha Gavager, Planetary Shield, and Spray Painter Plus. Nanny is active twice a month as an event as standard play is 20x breeding at 43 mins approx.

Pimp My Home

The Pimp My Home mod is unlocked at level 95 from Engrams as a work bench. The mod does have the mail box disabled for balance reasons.

Battlezone Server

The Battlezone server has 4x Harvest and contains Element in the Beacons by chance. PvP raid protection 6 hours.

Castles and Wardrobes

The wardrobe is a cave drop. Castles can be learned as normal, and as a bonus also in the beacons as blueprints.

Server Rules

The rules should be common sense. If you know of any rules that were missed from this list that are essential for the mission goal of having servers people can play upon, feel free to let us know.

These rules are not intended to be the fun police. With that said, if you do however encounter something that is a problem on the servers, we encourage you to tell us about it. Please keep in mind, we do strongly favour reports that involve the persons directly impacted by an incident.

No word is offensive without context. With this said, what is considered offensive is according to the person who is reviewing the case and making a Judgement. You might disagree, we understand this. Please understand that we are just normal people trying to provide servers for you to play and have fun with. We understand that offence cannot be given, only taken. However, if it is obvious that you are conducting yourself with your language, in a way that is harmful to the others who are playing the server, our actions may result in you being suspended or barred from playing the ThreadRipper servers.

Please do not vilify, harass, or grief play other players, unless it is using a game mechanic that is allowed under normal game play. For example, killing somebody over and over in PvP is normal game mechanics. Placing lots of pillars around somebody’s base and dumping dinosaurs in their courtyard to grief play in PvE, could get you banned. If somebody is being a genuine nuisance on the servers, please contact us, so we can first discuss the problem and then remedy a solution.

Discussion of controversial politics is forbidden, as it can cause people to be upset. If it is leading into controversy, keep it tactful and be considerate of others; a good way to avoid going into problems. Players from around the world come here to play, to get away from it all. A heated conversation about controversial matters in a game, detracts from playing the game, and causes divisions in the community. Keep it to private with the people you know, whom you know won't have a problem.

For anything else, that is what Karma is for. These rules should be common sense, in such a way that you need not even read them, because it should be easy.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Along with our Ark servers and this site, we do not share the information that has been collected with any 3rd parties. Logs are only kept to record activities so that we can better conduct support requests on our servers and for posting tribe logs onto our discord channel. Also, you have the right to access your personal data or at your request your personal data can be deleted.

ThreadRipper Cluster Mods

One Click Install :

Main Cluster Mods

1404697612 : Awesome Spyglass

764755314 : Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture

909377464 : Pimp My Home

1999447172 : Super Structures (SS)

1443404076: Human NPCs

566885854: Death Helper

2357644511 : MarniiMods: Hairstyles

Battlezone Mods

797686039 : Naturalism 2

1368210526 : Small Islands

Crashing with Bad Module Error? Try this!

Repair your client. Right Click Ark in your games library in Steam. Goto Local Files Tab and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files...". This should always be your first thing you do after an Ark crash as often a couple of files have become bad.
Instead of running the game in full screen mode try using windowed mode. Sure you might not get the best frames per second but this has been reported to have stopped the Bad Module Info Error message.
If you would rather use full screen mode over windowed mode then try turning off fullscreen optimizations in the compatibility settings tab for the Ark ShooterGame.exe Properties. Source:

Crashing with low level fatal error, d3d?

Again, Try Repairing your client. Right Click Ark in your games library in Steam. Goto Local Files Tab and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files...". This should always be your first thing you do after an Ark crash as often a couple of files have become bad.
Then try adding to the launch parameters of ARK the following:
Right click on Ark in your Steam Library, select Properties and click "Set Launch Options..." and enter -dxlevel 81

Disconnecting from the game?

Disabling IPv6 may prevent you from disconnecting randomly and or as frequently. Other players have reported this has worked from them.
Googling disabled IPv6 will get you a few guides on editing your registry to disbable. Basically they go along the lines of, click on the Start Button and type in regedit and hit Enter. Then, navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, services, TCPIP6 and Parameters. Right click on Parameters and select New and then DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the new value DisabledComponents and hit Enter. Now right click on the new DisabledComponents value you just created and select Modify. Set the value of DisabledComponents to FF and click OK. After a reboot IPv6 will be disabled on all interfaces.

Cannot connect? Try this!

If you are having trouble connecting to the server, either via in-game server lists, or via quick launch, this thread is for you. Go to steam, options, view, servers. Click on Favorites. From there click ADD A SERVER. Type in to the input box : Then click Add selected game server, and play. If you wish to connect to a different server, check for the ports on the right of this website, for the appropriate port to connect to the server of your choice. 27026 is The Island. But if you wanted to connect to Ragnarok, you would use the port number 27018. Other Port numbers can befound in the Arkserver links.

Game crashing and Texture Detail

Having the texture detail too high may cause issues with crashing. This tend to only happen when Textures are set to "Epic" so simply changing the textures down to "High" may make the game more stable.

Mod Version Mismatch!

Often this is a legitimate error due to your client having a newer or older version of the Mods. In the case of the server having an older version then please wait a little while as our Admins update the server Mods.
In some cases the "Mod Version Mismatch" error can be the result of you not being subscribed to the Mods the server uses. Simply visit our Rates page for mod links and subscribe.
Or the error can be the result of corrupted client side mod files. Client file verification may fix this error so try verifying your Ark client files first. If that fails unsubscribe from the Mods, delete any client side mod files (ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\) which are listed by the mod's ID number and re-subscribe to the server's Mods to redownload and install the Mods.

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