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Mabi Pet Chat

Counter Failure
Defend Failure
Devil's Cry
Devil's Cry Fail
Dragon Breath Fire
Dragon Breath Fire Failed
Dragon Breath Ice
Dragon Breath Ice Failed
Dragon Breath Thunder
Dragon Breath Thunder Failed
Grudge of Tuan
Final Hit
Final Hit Failure
Fireball Failure
Firebolt Failure
Flame Dive
Flame Dive Failed
Holy Rush
Holy Rush Failed
Icespear Failure

Icebolt Failure
Lightning Failure
Magical Dust
Magical Dust Failure
Petrifying Roar
Petrifying Roar Fail
Roar Failure
Smash Failure
Throw Stone
Throw Stone Failed
Thunder 1 Charge
Thunder 1 Charge Failed
Thunder 2 Charges
Thunder 2 Charges Failed
Thunder 3 Charges
Thunder 3 Charges Failed
Thunder 4 Charges
Thunder 4 Charges Failed
Thunder 5 Charges
Thunder 5 Charges Failed

Windmill Failed
Protect Failed
Tornado Failed

First Aid
First Aid Failure
Healing Failure
Support Healing
Healing Breeze
Healing Breeze Failure

Energy Shields
Fire Magic Sield
Fire Magic Sield Failed
Ice Magic Sield
Ice Magic Sield Failed
Lightning Magic Sield
Lightning Magic Sield Failed
Natural Magic Sield
Natural Magic Sield Failed
Boost Skills
Boost Failed
Call Pet
Collection Enable
Collection Disable
Cute Trick
Fake Death
Finding An Item
Finding An Item and Failed to Pickup
Flame of Resurrection
Identify Mimic
Identify Mimic Failed
Master Starts Moving
Pet Hide On
Pet Hide Off
Stop Pet
Wandering while Hungery
Warp Register
Warp Move
Idle AI Options
Spider Cobweb Options

Hover mouse over each AI checkbox to see which pets that AI affects.

- Mabinogi Patch updates can break the AIs of pets meaning new or existing skills can stop working. If you are using this mod let me know if any skills on your pets stop working and I'll fix them.
- Not all pets use all these commands and pets without a command will not have a chat message set into the ai (Eg, only Mini Skeletons can Act Dead & Crystal Deers use Hide).
- Idle AI is only used while you are playing as your pet and have gone inactive for a period.
- The xml file(s) once downloaded, will need to be applied to your client either in the Mabinogi\data\db\ai\local\ folder and used with a memory patcher or patched into your package files. If you don't have that folder structure then create the missing folders.
- Memory Patchers can be found on and you can also find a data packer tool there or here.
- You do not have to add any chat messages if you wish to just fix your pet heal uses so that your pet uses all of it’s heal charges instead of lagging out.
- Altering the pets so they say something other then the defaults can possibly get you banned so use at your own risk, however the changes to the heals is unlikely to result in a ban by itself.
Credits to Chii at for the orginal verion and idea.

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