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Act 1
Act 2
Counter Attack
Ice Spear
Melee Attack
Follow Master
Wandering AI Options
Call Merc
Chat Frequency
Range Settings
Gold Finding
Gold Pickup Failed
Golem AI Options

Hover mouse over each AI checkbox to see which mercenary or mercenaries that AI affects.

- Mabinogi Patch updates can break the AIs of mercenaries meaning changes can stop the AI from working correctly. If you are using this mod let me know if any AIs stop working and I'll fix them.
- Mercenaries have a very limited set of skills and so far only the storage bag dolls pickup gold and items.
- Only Alchemy Golems can attack. Without a guard cylinder in use golems are limited to sit, stand, and wondering around. Unfortunately these golems also cannot talk. On a side note the AI for these golems was originally written to use a taunt skill which seems to be broken so I've swapped it out for windmill, tho I would of liked to have kept it in.
- The xml file(s) once downloaded, will need to be applied to your client either in the Mabinogi\data\db\ai\local\ folder and used with a memory patcher or patched into your package files. If you don't have that folder structure then create the missing folders.
- Memory Patchers can be found on and you can also find a data packer tool there or here.
- Altering the mercs so they say something other then the defaults can possibly get you banned so use at your own risk.

Credits to Chii at for the orginal pet chat.

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