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MabiCooking is a handy little tool created to give you an adjustable ruler overlay which you can move into place for accurate measurements in your Mabinogi cooking endeavours. As always we welcome any suggestions and feedback and loose gold can be sent to Yukitsuki on the Erinn server.

Install and Use

To use MabiCooking simply download MabiCooking and unzip it anywhere you want. Then load MabiCooking and align either the blue bar to the top of the cooking window or the individual boxes to the cooking buttons as seen in the example image. Next enter the percentages for the first 2 ingredients and whats left out of 100% will be for the third. Then you'll have a nice multi colour guide ruler to measure your cooking with.
Note: MabiCooking uses dot Net as the programing language to work and without it MabiCooking doesn't work. Thankfully .Net is built into Windows these days.



MabiMessage This is a handy little tool created by myself and a friend in order to separate the chat messages from Mabinogi into a window which can be place on a different screen or where ever you'd like on your computer as well as holding onto a log of chat messages for when your jumping channels. The tool has grown to add other features such as text to speech (So you can hear those boss spawn messages and your friends talking), Moongate, Rua and Price timers, and an alarm clock (So you can set a mabi time alarm for that part time job or 5:30am transformation). Please note that due to changes to the packet system this program doesn't fully work anymore.

Boss Timer

I belive others are working on a newer more up to date extermal Mabinogi message program.


To use MabiMessage first download and install WinPcap and install .NET Framework 4 then download MabiMessage and unzip it anywhere you want.
Note: MabiMessage uses WinPcap and dot Net to listen into msg packets for Mabinogi. Without those it doesn't work.
Note: WinPcap does not support every network device and some may require updated drivers before winpcap works and MabiMessage can see messages.
Note: WinPcap has a check in the installer to see which windows you are running, this does not detect Windows 8 as a newer OS and will not install till you set the the compatibility mode to say Windows 7.

Suggestions And Support

If you have any suggestions, comments, bugs or need support you can post in our forum section for MabiMessage.


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