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After a lot of testing and editing of the Alchemy Golems I have updated the Alchemy Golem AI with the following changes:

While commercing I noticed the golem would (at some point) turn it's focus onto your commerce transport (handcart, horse, elephant, etc) stopping it from attacking bandits that would be trying to steal from you causing you to restart the AI by turning it off and back on again so it would pick a different target that was hopefully not your commerce transport. To fix this I've added a love for commerce transports to the AI. this doesn't mean it will hug your commerce transport but rather that it won't try to attack it.

Set default ranges for vision, audio and alert have been increased to 1500 (or 15 feet). This helps the golem chase down foes a bit further then it would of bothered before. A chase after the your char clause has also been written in to make the golem auto follow your char if your char more then 10 feet away from the golem. Before there was a follow command inplace for 20 feet but this seemed to be greater then the control distance which would cause the golem to just teleport to your char's location instead of walking/running to your char. The golem will still teleport to you but you'll see the golem walk or run to you more oftin without you needing to call it to follow you.

Combat has been edited also. I have repleace the defence skill use in the random 4 skill attack pattern and instead the golem will pick from are melee attack, smash, stomp, and windmill. Defence was dropped mainly because while in testing the skill was often loaded and canceled before any monster attacked the golem and since no AI can detect the use of skills on a target foe I decided to remove the skill from the attack AI. Timeouts on these skills have been edited also to improve attacks to have less wait times between skill uses. The option to change from the random 4 skill attack pattern to a always use melee, windmill, etc are still there so you can pick these if you wish, I personaly find a windmill golem handy for Girgashiy runs.

On a side note while golems do have the skill taunt it is currently broken for them on the North American Mabinogi servers which is why it isn't used in this AI, something you'll notice if you control your golem and try to use the skill yourself.

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