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The following is a list of the fixes that had to be made to the custom pet chat as some things Nexon and DevCat changed broke stuff and other things had small errors and typos in them:

Fixed come on dragons (I replaced the code for the come command's chat msg as I was told it wasn't working)
Fixed smash on all pets (Small typo caused all pets not to say anything when asked to smash)
Fixed all bolt skills on pets other then dragons (had to change the line that ordered the pet to charge the bolt skill as the old command had stopped working)
Fixed Dragon failed breath skill to see if fail msg activates (had to add a check for 20mp which means that if your dragon uses 30mp (rank 5+) it will say what ever you set for success instead of fail but still fail to cast, I'll look into fixing that later)
Fixed command stop (<pattern name="command:stop"> had changed to <pattern name="command:pet_stop">)
Fixed Bolt fail msgs (had to add a mp check of 3 in as the simple check)
Fixed multi chat for Sit, Call, Wandering & Healing
Added the roar command to the chat list
Fixed the Magic Shield skills when sussesfully casting them to have the imp say something

There is some kind of issue with the magic shield skills that when they fail the ice shield will quickly say the custom chat then say "..." but the others will only say "...". I'm not sure if it is just me but it's late and it doesn't seem to be a problem with the section of the ai scripts for the shield skills. If anyone else is having this same issue let me know and I'll work on it some more to track down the fault, otherwise I'm leaving it as for now.

If for any reason any of the pet skills and commands do not work please let me know.

Note: I've noticed that act_dead! triggers the skill counter. This does not seem to be an issue with the ai scripts but rather something else Nexon has messed up.

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