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I've updated the custom pet chat page for Mabinogi pets. I know I should of done the Crystal Deer and Dragon sooner but I just didn't feel like it...

Anyway you can now have the Crystal Deer, Dragon & Flamemare (It the main name for all there of the NA exculsive fire horses in case you didn't know) talk with what ever you wish all done with ease.

As you might know each of these pets has a unique pet skill all to it's own so I've added the options for chat with the hide, flame dive & dragon breaths.

We also have a new set of options for idle ai which is used when a player is playing as their pet and goes inactive for a while. If you have sugestions for more idle ai options please let me know and I'll see about adding them.

Oh and on a side note I've fixed up the windmill chat. No one seemed to notice it had none, I did however originaly try to implament it and for some reason left it half done... oops. Anyway the windmill chat should be working now.

Feel free to try out the AIs and please let me know how they go. Sugestions and bug reports are always welcome.

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