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YukiTsuki the Admin

Love Evolved is in the air again.

Join your fellow survivors during the event and share some love as new Valentine Coelacanth can be caught for chibis, chocolates and candies. Or simplely mate some dinos for a chance drop of chocolates and candies.

New Valentine inspired shield and sunglasses skins will be available during the event as well as returning skills such as the Cupid Couture Top and Bottom, Halo Headband, Teddy Bear Grenades, Cupid Bow & Eros, and Love Shackles.

New Chibi's include Crystal Wyvern, Mesopithecus, Otter, Enforcer, and Velonasur.

Some of the wild dinos will also be sporting some lovely colours with Lavender, Cream, MediumLavender, Peach, DeepPink, LightPink, Dark Red, Red, Magenta, Light Red, and White.

So fellow Survivors, tame yourself some love struck dinos, collect those Chibis, dress yourself up and share those Chocolates starting this Friday the 12th (Or Thursday February 11th US Time).

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