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Starting November 24th (November 25th if your ahead of the US time zone) Turkey Trial 4 will start.

Join your fellow survivors in the hunt for turkeys to harvest wishbones to gain new chibis such as Tuso, Broodmother, Bonnet Otter, Mantis, and Dunkleosteus as well as new event skins or to summon (Craft) yourself a DodoRex.

Along with wild unforgiving Super Turkeys find many event themed colourfull dinos sporting colours such as medium autumn, light autumn, burn sienna, dark megenta, dark violet, vermillion, midnight blue, black sands, and many other colours.

The turkey may only spawn till December the 8th so join your fellow survivors in the turkey hunt and share your turkey dinners.

On another note the developers at Wildcard have included a touching memorial in Crystal Isles as a comfort to players whose fellow tribe members, family members and friends that have passed away.

Our Ark server cluster has certainly lost such ones and welcome this memorial to those who have ascended.

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