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Dodorex and Dodowyvern have returned and this time they bring more then just their friends the Zomdodos, Zombie Wyverns and Spooky Skeletal friends, instead they return with their new Ghost dino friends.

Join your fellow survivors as Ghost Reapers, Ghost Bulbdogs, Ghost Rexs, Ghost Basilisk, Ghost Snow Owls, Ghost Mantis, and Ghost Direwolves haunt the Arks and collect new ghost dino skins, new skeletal chibis, new emotes and returning skins and other items.

The Ark dinos are also up for a little festivities by doning event colours such as, Dino Darker Grey, Dino Light Blu, Dino Dark Yellow, Dragon Base, Light Brow, Light Grey, Dino Light Brow, Dino Dark Brow, Dragon Fir, Vermillion, Actual BlackMidnight BlueMedium AutumnDark Warm GrayOrange, Dark Lavender, and Jade.

Join us today.


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