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It has been a long time in the make and the latest Ark Crystal Isles has opened up.

The Newest addition to the Threadripper Cluster of Arks brings along with new dinos to discover and tame. New Biomes such as rainforests, mysterious floating islands and undersea caverns to explore, traverse and mine for resources.
The Tropeognathus along with three new wyverns make their debut into the wilds of Crystal Isles. Tropeognathusa large winged flying dino has been seen eyeing off jet powered saddles in its' urge for speed in the skys of Crystal Isles.

In addition to the new Ark Crystal Isles Ark is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary running from June 11th to June 24th join your fellow survivors for some cake, 5 new chibis, and invite some party going party dodos to your popping cake parties ;)During the Anniversary our Threadripper Ark Cluster will be running Anniversary 4x EXP, 4x Harvesting, 3x Beacon, Nanny and a little Build Off event. Group up or go at it solo in building a sweet base and post your bases location on the Crystal Isles Ark on our Discord for your chance to win a coloured dino of their choice, excluding Alphas, Corrupteds n Bosses!

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