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YukiTsuki the Admin

Love is in the air

The Love Evolved event is live bringing with it, event-themed wild dinos, candy filled variant Coelacanth, 6 new chibi pets, love themed skins such as the Cupid Couture, Halo, Bow & Eros and Love Shackles.

I encorage all our fellow survivours to share their love during this event on our discord channel via screenies and to take the chance to get some new coloured dino friends, chibis or just some chocolate for the one you love.

Also we have added the Kraken's Better Dinos Mod and the Human NPCs Mod to our Ark server cluster. The Better Dinos mod brings many useful and fun changes to the Dinos so it is worth checking out dinos you might have previously dismissed. For instance spiders can now wall climb and catch things in the webs they shoot. As for the Human NPCs they have appeared on the Battle Zone map fighting it out for a little bit of land to call their own. Befriend them and bring them back to your tribe and they will help your tribe out.

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