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YukiTsuki the Admin

Super Turkeys are back with the Ark Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 3 event.

Hunt these powerful Turkeys for wishbones to craft all new skins hat such as the Pilgrim Hat, Bonnet hat, and turkey hat. Wish bones can also be used to craft weapon skins such as the Pitchfork and my fav Turkey Leg. Also colour your dinos with Event themed Colorization Candy.

New emotes have been added which can also be crafted from wishbones in cooking pots such as the Belly Rub and Hungry to let your tribe mates know you want some grub or how about the Food Coma to indicate you have had your fill of Turkey.

Along with the Super Turkeys rare event colour themed dinos have been seen as well as the (spawn-able / tame-able) DodoRex!

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