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YukiTsuki the Admin

Holiday Event Image

Happy Holidays Fellow Survivors!

For the month of December our Ark server cluster will be running a Holiday event. For the month of December our Ark Cluster will be running the eco In Wonderland mod with all craft-able trees, flowers, bushes, mushrooms and other goodies to decorate your base. Start decorating your base and share your screen shots on our forum and or our discord channel.

With the addition of the eco In Wonderland mod, you can now pickup classic Ark structures up within 30 seconds of placing. While S+ and the castles do not have this time limit, if you are one of those that is using normal building parts you can no longer worry about miss placing a well or floor and having to scrap it. However please keep it in mind that this does not include all the normal Ark structure items. It excludes Charge Lantern, C4, Elevator Platforms, Elevator Tracks, Electric Generator, Grill, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grinder, Chem Bench, Fabricator, Tek Generator, Tek Replicator, and Tek Transmitter.

On a side note we can welcome back the Tek Rock Drake saddle. Join us on discord and help your fellow survivors get the Tek Rock Drake saddle for the Aberration Boss, Rockwell.

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